Caffeine Soap Love

I’ve used caffeinated body scrubs with certainty that it wasn’t really going to wake me up, and was wrong. Caffeine can be absorbed through the skin! I mixed this soap with coconut lemongrass fragrance and topped with coconut! Now all I have to do is wait……the hard part!

Oregon Coast

I recently visited my family in Oregon over my school break. Oregon is absolutely one of my favorite places to relax. My good friend Lindee (also a soap maker) flew to Oregon with me. We visited a little coastal town called Manzanita, OR. This little town had little shops all along its main street that where so cute! Little candy shops, knitting shops, coffee shops and an art gallery of course. In the little knitting shop we seen some felted soap or “soap in a sweater.” I had seen them around before online but never held one and really got to take a good look at it. I kind of expected it would be very rough textured but it wasn’t.

When I got home I of course had to run right out and get wool to give it a go. NoT ThAt HaRd!! Its was easy! The soap lathers inside the felt really well and its just like having a wash cloth around your soap. I don’t think I will be selling them or anything. But some may get one in there stocking this year! 😉

My Basic Ingredients

As I poured my oils and butters today, I looked at them and wondered if people really know how amazing the ingredients are! I buy all my ingredients at Bramble Berry Inc. So you know they are the best quality. This is a picture of my oils and butter used in this mornings batch of Pumpkin Pie soap. Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and palm kernel flakes. This is how soap should be, MOISTURIZING as well as cleansing.  Just look at that base, its like body butter in a soap bar! In addition to these base ingredients, I add other awesome additions in different types of soap.  For example; pumpkin puree, carrot puree, buttermilk, or herbs. Pumpkin puree has Vitamin A and gives the soap a natural orange color. Buttermilk makes the soap creamy and has milk fats and vitamins for your skin.I  lovvvvveee  handmade soap!

Odds n Ends

I am going through my inventory and decided I need to make room for new seasonal soaps. I have so many beautiful soaps that are summer/spring scents or “loaf ends” so I am no longer wanting to list them. Last year I did this and made sampler packs and clearance them out. They sold so fast! It really is a great deal, a good idea for someone wanting to try out cold processed soap!