Wrapping can get pretty boring with paper wrap and plastic bows. I wanted to make some packages that smelled just like Christmas when you open them, so I used some ideas that my friend Lisa Moore from MooreMinutes.com had on using spruce, and some of my own ideas.  I used fresh spruce from my tree and some fragrance oil to make these smell of any traditional Christmas.

First I cut some burlap into squares. Burlap is incredibly cheap (about 3 bucks a yard) and can go with just about any theme with its neutral color.  I love burlap and use it for just about anything.

I took a droplet and added about 8 drops of fragrance to each square.

Second..I wrapped my soaps in tissue paper. I used this wrap for soaps, but you can use it for any gift. Just make sure that you protect the gift from the fragrance if it is something that it could damage.

Third step is to get your fresh spruce and wrap it into a little bundle with string or wire. A candy cane is also fun.

Fourth, I place the spruce inside the gift with the soaps and start wrapping the burlap around the gift.

And Finally wrap the whole package with string and add something extra on top for some color!

Wha – la! Pretty cute little gift. Even if the gift is “nothing big” it sure seems special when you take the time to make it that way :)


This is probably my last post before Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!!



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